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Patent Pending Business Model

Funnel1 (Patent Pending Business Model) brings the efficiency to Japanese digital marketing industry as an innovative lead generation platform.

Funnel1 organizes digital marketing news, product, and sales proposal in a single place.

AOL, Rakuten, Comscore, Videology, Teads, TURN, Integral Ad Science, Unruly and more are already in Funnel1.

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1. Experienced start up specialist in digital marketing

  • Yoichi Tanaka
  • Yoichi Tanaka in

    Over 17 years experience at digital marketing industry with constant records. Specializes the start up stage of fast pace growing companies (DoubleClick Japan, Omniture, AudienceScience, Teads Japan)

2. Funnel1 Echo System

- More than 50 digital marketing media and vendors

- 200 buy side companies (Advertisers, Agencies, Siers)

- 8 fortune 500 brands

- Top 10 Agencies

- New type of b to b marketplace with early adopters


1) Product needs analysis in Japanese market

Japan is the third largest advertising market. it is necessary for you building up certain size of your business in this market. Japanese market has unique aspects. so the enough research on products needs is an important thing. some product is too early to get into Japanese market. most of the products needs Japanese localization. Many cases, there are strong Japanese competitors, you need to be creative on product value proposition approach to the market. Our research is based on actual needs hearing from advertisers or agencies (media and vendors).

2) Create launch Strategy

After the product needs analysis, it will be a couple of ways to launch your business. simply you build up the first phase team or build up the reseller program. if your brand has no presence in this market, it is better to partner with Japanese companies. most importantly we present you which approach fastest way to build up your business with mid-term strategic points of view.

3) Deploy the system or do the trial campaign with pilot clients

You have to make your early adopter be up and running as fast as possible. we will be close to your prospects and run the trial by communicating with your tech team.

4) Hiring

We partner with local recruiting agencies who specializes global companies. Japan is Japanese speaking country. you will be amazed that the number of business bilinguals are not as many as you think. it is the best way to work with experienced agency who has many business network in Japan.


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Management Motto : Honesty, Innovative, High Quality

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